Aftertunes 3 audiomolekul modkraft flo van o mandibula cyantist

Aftertunes #3

Aftertech Records’ 10th Release

“‘The moment of our third compilation has arrived!: Aftertunes #3

Aftertunes #3 is a five track EP with upcoming artists from Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands. We are proud to present to you the following selection of the best music we could find:

Cyantist – Out in the Open
Cyantist is a duo from the Netherlands that begin this track with playful yet soulful bells and drums. These work in perfect harmony with a sweet synth and a groovy melody. In the end this duo even surprises you with a lovely vocal. Out in the Open is a wonderful combination of strength and tenderness.

Flo van O – Zero Miles
Flo van O doesn’t mess around. In his track Zero Miles he shows power in combination with a mesmerizing space. His powerful bassline is the perfect foundation for a very captivating melody. This is all glued together with a groovy lead. In the end he goes all out, creating the finish this track deserves.

Modkraft & Konrad – Aural Dreaming
Aural Dreaming, as the name suggests this is the sweet track of the lot. A loving and progressive melody which works surprisingly well with a more deep kind of bass. As they say, opposites attract. Modkraft & Konrad did not lie, while listening to this track you will feel like your dreaming away. Just for a moment, but its wonderful.

Mandibula & Dimitri Dilano – Double Cero
Double Cero is the more subtle track of this compilation. The talking bassline and the smart use of percussion brings you in a state of trance from which you do not want to wake. Halfway they introduce a melody that finishes the job, the perfect zen has been reached.

Audiomolekül – July
This Swiss artist makes his debute with his very first original track. He starts of with a great cinematique percussion which leads you to an amazing and breathtaking melody. Its a track full of suspense and emotion, a great debute indeed.

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