Aftertunes anniversary aftertech

Aftertunes 1 Year Anniversary

Aftertech Records Fourteenth Release

Today, we celebrate!

It has been a year since our first release and in order to celebrate we have brought 10 artists from all over the world together on 1 compilation. This release consists of remixes made solely by artists who released their single tracks on our Aftetunes compilations the past year. It’s a compilation full of unique views on each others work and is immensely diverse to say the least.

Vanderkant – If Things Change (Cyantist Remix)
A daring remix by Cyantist, they worked mostly in triplets giving this track a unique drive. The track is full, with small uplifting moments and climaxes all the way through. The strong bassline works very well in combination with the neverending and sensational melody. It is a perfect addition to the adjusted screaming sound from Vanderkants original. Things have definitely changed, this is a big one!

Triateck – Kosmos (Audiomolek├╝l Remix)
Not surprisingly Audiomolek├╝l gave this track a kind of classical feel, simply by starting out with a cello. Then he replaces this with a powerful bassline and the track has lifted off. Firstly using Triatecks bouncing melody, he makes it his own in the break. Giving it a tough and strong stabbing feel. A strong melodic remix.

Reig – Sur Un Banc (Modkraft Remix)
Modkraft’s remix is one of the more powerful tracks on this compilation. He doesn’t mess around with his strong bassline which seems to work perfectly with the original sounds of Reig. The percussion sounds are mesmerizing to say the least and the special effects keep you going higher and higher.

Mandibula & Dimitri Dilano – Double Cero (Flo van O Remix)
Straight from the beginning Flo van O has put you in a trance with his dreamlike arpeggio and his minimalistic percussion. Then a reverberating melody is introduced making the dream complete. His angellike synth glues it all together making it a lovely track.

Flo van O – Zero Miles (Vanderkant Remix)
Vanderkant went minimalistic. He turned Zero Miles totally around. He created a mesmerizing groove with an uplifting drive, making the grounds of the club tremble for sure. By introducing a softly stabbing melody in the middle he brings it all together, finishing a well thought out track.

Cyantist – Out in the open (Reig remix)
Reig took the original powerful drums and made them his own. He slowly builds up, revealing more and more of the story piece by piece. Showing wobbling synth, screaming pads and stretching bass sounds. Making them work together all in perfect harmony.

Leevey – Heyerdahl (Mandibula Remix)
As we can expect from Mandibula he builds up in full control of what is happening. Every sound is where it is supposed to be. Starting out with a growling yet delicate bassline, letting you hear small parts of Leevey’s original sound. He prepares you for right after the break where he brings everything together; warm synths, a warm melody, hollow toms and of course the delicate bassline.

Diamandy & Chester and Oscar – Glimps Of Infinity (Triateck Remix)
Triateck starts out strong with a lovely arpeggio halfway transforming it very cleverly into the main melody. As we can expect from Triateck he takes the original melody and jams with it like he so wonderfully does. Combining the sound with beautiful echoing percussion shots and cinematic synths, this has become a wonderful remix.

Audiomolekul – July (Leevey Remix)
As melodic the original version was, so is Leevey’s remix minimalistic. He quickly introduces you with a groovy bassline which will make the entire club dance for sure. This is complemented with ticking melody and cello like sounds.

ModKraft – Aural Dreaming (Diamandy ”Spiritual” Remix)
Diamandy gave this remix a very special touch giving it almost a kind of shamanic feel. He starts out with a very groovy bassline which is dominating all throughout the track. Halfway he introduces a voodoo chanting like a scream adding extra to the feel of this track. Yet he managed to combine this perfectly with Modkrafts original idea, a great creation indeed!