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Ariose – Ambedo EP

For our 20th release we introduce the immensely talented duo, Ariose!
Both from Scottish heritage they will bring great joy to the Dutch techno scene and of course throughout the rest of the world. You might have seen them before on Traum Schallplatten with their intelligent melodies and smooth yet soulful beats. Backed up with great artists such as Noraj Cue and Pete Oak on remix duties this release is pure divine.

Ariose – Ambedo (Original Mix)
To kick this release off, Ariose brings you a hypnotic and catchy track. Right from the start this track takes your breath away with gentle strings and mesmerizing synths. A delicate play of percussions underlines the heavenly vibe perfectly. When a very light yet cheerful melody is introduced combined with joyful vocal sounds, the dream is complete and you can start drifting away on your cloud of bliss.

Ariose – Xeno (Original Mix)
Xeno starts out with much more decisiveness than the title track. It doesn’t take long before a jolting bassline is introduced. Brasslike sounds subtly surround you, flying from side to side, echoing through space. Classical strokes of cello-like instruments swoop in, giving this track this unique soulful feeling only Ariose can give. When suddenly the break arrives, sweetness makes place for a rough and playful jam of synth. Only to come back stronger with a plucked staccato melody.

Ariose – Ambedo (Pete Oak Remix)
An immense change has occurred while Pete Oak reworked this wonderful track. He gave this track a more housy feel. The South American swing in the beat sets the tone right away. The strength in this track is in the detail, cleverly placed housy synth shots and upsweeping melody will blow you away. The effective tension building in the break makes this a track to remember.

Ariose – Xeno (Noraj Cue Remix)
In this remix Noraj Cue has respected the original melodies but he does not mess around. From the first second tension is building, a melody is growing in strength every beat. Supported with starlike droplets and buzzing brass sounds he brings you in an entire different state of being. When the bassline starts growling the journey is complete and there is nothing left to do than to let Noraj take you on this journey to the dance floor.

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