Bon Voyage audiomolekul aftertech

Audiomolekül – Bon Voyage EP

Aftertech Records Eighteenth release
After appearing on the aftertunes before, it was time to give this Swiss producer a release of his own. This brilliant musical genius has a special way with melodies. He has the ability to combine techno with almost a kind of cinematic feel. Each track has his own tale to tell. This in combination with remixes from SissCok and Triateck this delivers one very beautiful EP.

Audiomolekül – Bon Voyage (Original Mix)
A light and elegant start makes the perfect beginning for this wonderful journey. One melody melts into the other, making you wonder how the trip goes on. Then slowly a sweet bass line rises up, giving it just the right amount of groove. The everchanging melody of transcendent sounds brings you back to that sweet place. Then everything comes together and you are on your way on that great Bon Voyage!

Audiomolekül – Eavesdrop (Original Mix)
Audiomolekül makes a solid start with twinkling notes and very effect percussions. Suddenly a mesmerizing arpeggio takes the whole track over. Creating a wonderful suspense that in the end blows you away. The windy synths work perfectly together with a deep bassline. Once again a great track!

Audiomolekül – Radiate (Original Mix)
Right from the beginning a wobbling synth leads the way. Graveling sounds function as the percussion working very well with panning wood blocks and fast moving shakers. The delicate start quickly starts to radiate with strength through a combination of a sparkling never-ending melody. Tension keeps building up until that long awaited moment where he goes all out!

Audiomolekül – Stardust (Original Mix)
As the name suggests this track delivers one big space. This is also one of the sweetest tracks on the EP. Slowly happy and light melodies are introduced and melt in the break together with a catchy melancholic arpeggio. When the track continues, the lovely melodies starting to scream silently, whilst maintaining the sweet vibes of this work.

Audiomolekül – Tanz Der Seele (Original Mix)
A very catchy melody catches the attention right away. From beginning till the end this is one big feel good track. The uplifting beat works very well together with the bassline making sure no one can keep standing still.

Audiomolekül – Eavesdrop (SissCok Remix)
The sweet style from Audiomolekül is turned around into a more heavy and melancholic vibe. In his ominous start a dark synth brings you in an enthralled state. A very deep tom works perfectly with the kick creating a powerful groove. This all is glued together with the brilliantly adjusted melody from the original track. A great remix indeed!

Audiomolekül – Radiate (Triateck Remix)
As per usual melodies are key in Triatecks track. He kept the original vibe intact but gave it that little extra melodic touch. The wobbling synth is still there yet now has a more melancholic feel to it. With a strong combination of percussion, lead sounds and synths a strong tension is build and is released in a deep powerful drop!

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