Aftertech Records twenty-fifth Release

‘La Rêve’ is the twenty-fifth release of Aftertech Records by the already legendary Cliff de Zoete. This ‘Diamond in the Rough’ from the Netherlands shows his massive talent in this wonderful EP. He shows once again that he is master of combining deepness, groove and melodies in one perfect blend. Together with remixers THe WHite SHadow and Frezel this has become one hell of an EP!

Honouring this awesome party organization, Cliff has gone all out with ‘La Rêve’. Right from the starts he manages to set the vibe with mesmerizing percs and a catchy melody. Only to be accompanied by a powerful bassline and later on a smooth pluck. This track makes you dance and dream away all at the same time, a great achievement by Cliff de Zoete!

Der Slaufkugel, as the name suggests, is a killer of a track. It doesn’t take long before the heavy bassline reveals itself and the tone of the track is set. A wobbing synth, together with smart use of percussion, lead you forward towards a massive drop. Even then he manages to keep the track growing in strength until finally the melody comes in and everything comes together.

THe WHite SHadow transformed La Rêve into something dreamier and even more deep. His intro is mesmerizing, making you drift away on bits and pieces of the original melody. Airy synths lead towards the break where suddenly everything becomes quiet. Only for the drop to emerge and a wonderful brass to take over. New melodies come to light and the dream is complete. A wonderful story indeed!

In Frezel’s remix the percussion and the fast hihats start out groovy. They build up to a deep and solid bassline supported by dreamy synths. These quickly make room for a strong and hypnotizing melody that slowly takes over. In the break this melody starts building tension, only to disappear completely and giving a powerful bassline all the room he can get. Later on the dreamy synths, the melody and the bassline are rejoiced, blowing everyone away!

This EP will get a special place with the dreamy clubbers for sure!

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