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Aftertech Records

Aftertech Records is a Dutch record label releasing melodic techno and similar genres of electronic dance music. The label is managed founded by Florian van Overmeir and Thomas van de Biezen.
Since the label’s first release in April 2015, their records have been supported by many DJ’s such as:
Marcelo Vasami, Fernando Olaya, Boss Axis, Alex Cruz, Reinier Zonneveld, Jonas Saalbach, Paul Hazenonk, Olivier Weiter, etc…

The founders, Florian & Thomas, were in love with techno music ever-since the early days of their freindship. Quickly after Florian started working for a House music label, the idea came up of starting an own label. This idea was treasured for many years until finally in November 2014 the idea came of the ground and the name Aftertech Records was born.

Aftertech Records is more than just techno. The label releases the perfect music for an afterparty. The label distinct itself by captivating melodies and strong bass lines. So people can lose themselves in it, and at the same time dance to it.

Everyone involved in the process of releasing and promoting their music is seen as a high valuable part of the chain.Together with these valuable connections, the label attempts to promote the music genre to a larger audience in order to give it’s deserved attention.

Florian & Thomas: “We think, what makes us different from other labels is that we are very open towards our artists and we pride ourselves in our fast communication. We listen to all the demo’s that are send to us and give feedback where we can, even if we decide not to release it. We want to create a friendly and supportive environment, which helps the artists go forward.”

Demo Submission

We are glad to receive your demos! Please make sure that your tracks meet the following requirements:
– It’s Melodic Techno (or similar)
– SoundCloud link (PRIVATE)
– Full version of the track

Please send your demos to


For bookings, please send us your request to


AM Studio – Mastering
Sceen FM – Aftertech Radio
Label Worx – Digital Distribution
Timo Francke – Artwork (AR006-now)
John Dupon – Artwork (AR001 – AR005)

The Owners

Thomas van de Biezen
Thomas van de BiezenCo-owner
Florian van Overmeir
Florian van OvermeirCo-owner

Get in touch with us

Plein 4
3861 AB
The Netherlands