Aftertech Cosmosolar

The musical part is developed by the electronic music producer Alejandro Gamba, originally from El Bolson (Rio Negro – Patagonia Argentina) began his career in electronic music as a DJ in 2001. His main influences are the rudeness and energy of Techno music, along with the melodic and harmonic progression of styles like progressive and melodic techno. In his productions for Cosmosolar these concepts are merged into one, trying to convey a cosmic vibration from heaven to earth ,creating an atmosphere of tribal dance and trance.

Live presentations are conducted in two formats: one is the “Live Act” where their own tracks are reinterpreted live, mixing own loops, samples and synthesizers in live. And the other is “dj set” where mix tracks of various artists carefully selected for the occasion.

During his career as a music producer released on labels like Overdrive Musik, Redlight Music, Uxoa Dutxa Elite , Tree Musik and Gain records. And Argentinan labels like Elephant Chords, Privilege BA, Massive Harmony, KMT and Monotonias Music.
His music has been used by artists such as Anthony Pappa , Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna , Joseph Capriati , Marco Carola , Ferry Corsten , Claude VonStroke, Brian Gros, Popof, Denite, etc.

Has shared the stage with artists such as Diego Cid, Diego Rocka, Spitfire, Djs Pareja, Udolph, Carla Tintore, Alfonso Leon, Carlos Ruiz, 2Robot, Buddha Beats, Camila Diaz, Paul Deep, Muveo, Kembou, Rodrigo Valdovinos, among others . He has participated in festivals and events like Technoir in Bahrein, Submerged in Requiem, Ciudad Emergente 2013, Arte Joven 2011, 2012 and 2013, Let it VJ, Electro shocke-C, Artest 2013, Circo Electrico in Technopolis, Burning Man Argentina, Moonflower , Upbeat (Valparaiso-Chile), Casa de Salud (Concepción-Chile), among others.


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