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Foot – Overgated LP

Aftertech Records’ 11th Release

“”Overgated ‘ is the first LP and eleventh release of Aftertech Records by the great producer Foot (well known from 10dens). This Dutch prodigy has worked hard and delivered six original tracks, making this the biggest release on Aftertech Records to date. Each track has its own unique vibe by which Foot shows off his talent once again. He does not hold on tight to one specific genre but let the music speak for itself. This in combination with the input of the great remixers: Hank Achi an alias from JSPR, Kjeld Langeveld and Tamas Skafar, this is an LP to be reckoned with!

The first track ‘Overgated’ starts out strong with a starlike droplet matching perfectly with a subtle distorted bassline. Than subtlety turns around to mayhem, the droplet is accompanied with strong synths and sweet is transformed into something great and powerful.

‘Sputterend’ tells a real progressive story. In the beginning there is a simple yet effective groove. This builds up slowly with a smart use of accords. Halfway Foot introduces a melancholic sounding lead, a sound which really speaks to the heart. Trying to tell you something, trying to make you remember…

Then there is ‘Drekqueen’ which is something totally different on its own. A track which really stands out with its dreaminess combined with an immensely powerful bassline. This track will blow away each and everyone on the dance floor for sure.

The sound of ‘Opal’ is bright and colorful as it is supposed to be. The melody is mesmerizing to say the least and works very well together with a rousing bass. In the break of the track the melody goes deep, taking you far away into the world of Opal.

‘Cotton Candy’ as the name suggests, is the sweet one of the LP. This happy track with its driving bassline and its feel good melody is just another example of how versatile Foot can be.

‘Dark Skies’ is dark indeed. A deep bassline works together with a screaming synth creating a wonderful shady vibe. His subtle use of woodblock percs amplifies this feeling more and more until the sky has been reached. Foot knows no limits and created another masterpiece with Dark Skies.

The first remix on this LP is from Hank Achi. The track ‘Sputterend’ which first was progressive and melancholic is now a strong club track. Hank Achi took the melody and turned it into something mesmerizing. That with a powerful kick and bassline underneath makes it a track great to dance to.

Tamas Skafar does it again, he took Opal’s melody and made a wonderful arp out of it. In the break he surprises us when he goes all out with a powerful synth. This track is an example of pure harmony; melody, bass and percussion all working together as they should. A wonderful creation.

As a grand finale, Kjeld Langeveld finishes this LP with a remix for ‘Overgated’. It has become a track full of melodic beauty. He took the original melody and layered it with extra synth to give it that extra power. This feeling is enhanced with a very dirty bassline. A wonderful view on Overgated by Kjeld.

In this LP you will be blown away by a wonderful combination of power and ingenious use of melody. An LP that has to be checked out for sure!

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