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Franco Tejedor


Born in Patagonia Argentina, since childhood he discovered his love for music. The Techno pop music of the 80´s and the first records of House music, which captivated in its infancy. In his adolescence he begins to dabble in the middle as musical programmer of various radio programs. Then assumes a rising role as a DJ at parties and at his residence in his hometown club.
From 2000 he moved to Buenos Aires city to purify and discover the sound that really represents,
the way to do it is from the musical production.
A edited your tracks in respected labels such as Stellar Fountain Records, Balkan Connection South America ,
Massive Harmony Records, Underground Music Records, Ambber Records, Underdub Records, Discos Blitz, AH Digital, Evoked Recordings among others.

Franco Tejedor has that something that is needed : Perseverance and a delicate musical taste.”

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