Frezel Fighting nightmares aftertech

Frezel – Fighting Nightmares EP

Aftertech Records fifteenth release

After a single and some remixes, Frezel is now releasing his first EP on Aftertech Records. He is providing you with a seven track package, including remixes by Unique Repeat and Luis M.
Fighting Nightmares EP is a powerful and emotional melodic journey across happiness and melancholy. Five original tracks, with each their own character and two very special remixes.

Fighting Nightmares
The title track, Fighting Nightmares, starts as a lovely dream and is slowly introducing its wonderful melodies; making you curious about what is about to come. The easy and spacey melodies fade away in a short silence and softly a new melody arises. It kicks in after the break, accompanied with a powerful and dirty bassline.

Loving D Minor
The second track is one that is likely to stay in your head for a while after listening. The catchy melodies in Loving D minor are supported by a screaming bassline that provides a solid bass for the track.

In this track, high melodies interchange rapidly with deep tones, making this track a labyrinth of melodies that becomes more and more complicated towards the end.
Living is a record that lifts us up and provides an energetic vibe, that is highly suitable for the dance floor.

Get Serious
This is another storytelling track. The drive in the bassline gives this work a powerful fundament. A spacey and dreamy touch is created by the gently introduced high melody hovering above the lower tones. Beside its spacey and dreamy character the catchy percussion adds danceable groove to it. This is a track that will work in the club most certainly.

Dreaming Awake
Dreaming Awake is the most dreamy one on the EP. A beautiful track, telling the true story of melancholy. The rhythmic bassline keeps us still a bit awake and prevents us from getting caught in an inevitable space. A wonderful track in every way.

Loving D Minor (Unique Repeat Remix)
The boys from Unique Repeat were able to turn the original around and transform it into a melodic roller coaster. Long screaming tones are giving the remix an emotional spirit.
With daring choices in their harmonics, Unique Repeat once again proved to be a serious king in this genre.

Fighting Nightmares (Luis M Remix)
Luis M subtly added his own touch to the original without dramatic changes. The deep blaring bassline is gently waving and supporting the original tones of the track. A wonderful light and tender melody has been added to the already existing ones, making it all even more complete.

This collection is highly melodic and will have a serious impact on the dance floor!

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