Aftertech Records Frezel staring contest

Frezel – Staring Contest

Aftertech Records’ Eight Release

“Aftertech Records Eighth Release

‘Staring Contest’ is the eighth release and the first single of Aftertech Records. This single took form after a very exciting remix contest. Frezel outdid himself on his track Staring Contest where he managed to combine his well known melodies with a very catchy groove. This track is shown in five different interpretations one original mix and four remixes. Audiomolekül, Franc Tejedor, KRNT and Triateck give you a peak into their soul with their own unique sounds.

The first track, the original mix of ‘Staring Contest’ rises up slowly, leading you towards a catchy bassline and dreamy plucks with a matching brass. Halfway he makes the bassline scream, giving the track not only more groove but bringing power to a maximum. A track which will make many dance for sure.

The second track and first remix of this single is done by a newcomer on the label: Audiomolekül, introducing himself with a heavy kick combined with a smart percussion. Although his kick is heavy he manages to balance it with a more dreamy vibe via wobbing synths and a lovely piano.

The second remix is made by Triateck, with this track he proves his talent once again. He turned the catchy groove of the original mix around and gave it a melancholic feel. Supported by a strong bassline and a beautiful lead sound, there is nothing more to do than close your eyes and enjoy this wonderful story telling track.

The next remix is produced by Franco Tejedor, from the first moment on he grabs the attention with a mesmerizing percussion which never lets you go. Followed by a building arpeggio he gets you right where he wants you. Introducing his own interpretation of Frezel’s melody, making you float on the river of your own mind. A great addition to this single.

KRNT finishes this single with a remix remaining true to the original yet making it harder and stronger. He managed to create a very leading climax which makes the impact of his powerful bassline oh so strong. The perfect track to finish this single with.

A very interesting single, giving you five great unique tracks, each massive in their own way.

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