John Dupon - Balanced EP - Aftertech Records

John Dupon – Balanced EP

Aftertech Records’ Second Release

“Balanced” is the second release of Aftertech Records but a debut for the very talented Dutch artist John Dupon! We are happy to introduce this young artist to the world. John Dupon is a wizard with his captivating melodies and a king of the smart yet powerful rhythms. He shows both in this four track EP.

John Dupon’s Magic and Power
Balanced EP consists of three wonderful tracks plus a remix from the upcoming talent Frezel.

The title track “Balanced” has an amazing ongoing melody which is supported by a great growling bass. It really is a mystical journey thanks to it’s ever changing supporting melodies.

The second track, “Connected” is promosing to be a great track for in the club. The synths in this track move around like waves in the ocean and are in perfect balance with its supportive bassline.

In his last track, “Enter the Castle” we are allowed to have a peak in his musical kingdom. This uprising track catches the attention from beginning to end. It takes you on a journey from which one do not want to leave.

This great EP is made complete by the unmistakably sound of Frezel. In his remix of “Balanced” he lets his melodies grow till he reaches the grand finale that fits perfectly to this clever EP.

All together we think there are enough reasons to check this wonderful EP out.