Koen schepens aftertech

Koen Schepens – Your Wake Up Call EP

Aftertech Records Sixteenth Release

‘Your Wake Up Call ‘ is the sixteenth release of Aftertech Records by the well established Koen Schepens. This Dutch musical wizard has created three very intelligent, yet groovy tracks. With this EP he will leave everyone stunned and amazed with tracks that will echo long and far into techno history. Together with the input of the talented remixer Ambrela this has become one awesome EP.

‘Your Wake Up Call ‘ is a track in which Koen does not mess around. He quickly introduces a powerful and groovy bassline that leaves nothing but a great urge to move around. Not much later a jazzy melody arises that compliments the feeling perfectly. All this is glued together with clever saxy notes and long synth strokes. All that is left to say is: forget about your alarm clock, ‘Your Wake Up Call’ is all you need!

The second track ‘Did You Hear That’ is an expressive journey in which you are confronted with some intelligent percussive play. A bassline that blows you away and great melodic chord progressions. If you haven’t heard this one yet, it is time for action. This is a track not to be missed!

‘Pongo’ makes you wonder right from the beginning. An ominous start with just the right amount of well placed special effects quickly makes place for an energetic vibe. Koen Schepens builds slowly towards a very dirty and strong bassline while maintaining the lovely energy throughout the entire track. A masterpiece for sure!

Ambrela turns Pongo right around and upside down. The energetic vibe from the original makes room for relaxation and melancholy. A never-ending guitar-play supported by airy woodwind instruments give this track a very unique atmosphere, making this a wonderful and dreamy track.

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