Luis M interstellar Aftertech records

Luis M – Interstellar EP

Aftertech Records’ Second Release

“Aftertech Records Seventh Release

“Interstellar ” is the seventh release of Aftertech Records by the legendary Luis M. This portugese mastermind has created two very powerful yet delicate tracks. In this EP he exceeds all expectations and created two monster tracks which will echo loudly trough the deep spaces of the most underground clubs for years to come. Together with the input of remixers Stoertebeker (Half of Unique Repeat) and the great South African Ryan Sullivan this has become one hell of an EP.

The first track “Interstellar” is a story where power and subtlety come together. The powerful bassline will blast the roof from every club and the subtle melody will bring many into a deep and satisfying space. This track is ever changing yet maintains one wonderful vibe.

“Under the Sun” brings the delicate part to this EP. Right from the beginning this melody makes you feel like you are living in a warm cozy dream. The perfect balance between bass and melody brings everything together. Than halfway, delicacy turns to strength for the grand finale, a beautiful track all together.

Ryan Sullivan has managed to take the delicacy from Under the Sun and turn the focus onto the powerful part of the track. Precussion and drive are key in this remix, which will take you on trip which will bring you higher and higher while the track keeps going stronger and stronger.

Stoertebeker finishes this EP with his remix of Interstellar. Although remaining true to the original vibe he has managed to underline it with a more dirty bassline. He supplements the storytelling with a wobbing synth which seems to communicate with the orignal melody. A wonderful creation.

This is an EP which will bring much pleasure to the clubs all over the world for sure!

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