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Mandibula – Triolon EP

Aftertech Records Thirteenth Release

‘Triolon ‘ is the thirteenth release of Aftertech Records by the skillful Mandibula. This German techno veteran has delivered us very powerful and intelligent tracks. Each track has its own unique vibe and they are all extremely mesmerizing. In this EP he proves once more his immense experience in the clubs. Remixes are made by no one less than Mashk and ‘Willy Réal & David Prap’.

The title track ‘Triolon’ begins with great use of percussion, creating an insanely catchy groove. Then suddenly a strong bassline appears, binding it all together. To make it all complete Mandibula has implemented a wonderful captivating arpeggio,.. pure perfection.

In ‘Hush’ Mandibula reduces us all to silence, making us listen very closely to his story. In his percussion a characteristic shushing sound blending in the entire track. His classical slow build up in this track makes you yearn for more and more. Until the end where it is all given and everything comes together.

‘Blue Sugar’ is the more loungy track of this EP. His jazzy bassline is in perfect harmony with a brass-like melody and echoing bells. This sweet track would bring even the most grumpy in a good mood. A wonderful track indeed!

Mashk has turned the vibe of ‘Triolon’ totally around making it wonderfully melancholic. His mourning melody works in perfect harmony with the original arpeggio. Halfway he introduces a unique second melody which cannot be put into words. In order to capture the vibe of this track, it simply must be heard!

‘Willy Réal & David Prap’ return once again to Aftertech Records with a great and powerful remix of Hush. They managed to stay true to the original track. However, they have inserted a mighty bassline and vigorous drums. Together with the dynamic wobbling synth this is one hell of a finale for one hell of an EP!