Matt Dwellers Orion EP Aftertech records

Matt Dwellers – Orion EP

Aftertech Records’ 12th Release


‘Orion ‘ is the twelfth release of Aftertech Records by the brilliant Matt Dwellers. This French prodigy has created four very minimalistic yet powerful and melodic tracks. In this EP he shows the world that powerful club tracks can be combined with storytelling and pure delicacy. Together with the input of the revitalized and stronger than ever, Strano (previously known as Freak Strano) and the Aftertech Familiar, Frezel; this EP is golden.

The first track ‘Orion’ is a story in which minimalism joins together with pure strength. Matt takes you on a melancholic journey where each sound has a very noticeable purpose. Everything is in its right place. A track in which smart use of percussion, subtle clear sounds and a powerful bass line all come together.

In ‘Delta’ Matt does not mess around. It has a powerful start fitting for this unbelievable strong track. After power has been established he keeps on building tension with a beautiful synth with the strength of a lion. Than halfway, he takes it all away. Only to bring it all back once more.

‘Victorious’ is winning for sure! This track is full with little percussion surprises which are accompanied by a brass, hitting all the right notes. This subtle track is the perfect example in which Matt shows a track with a story can be perfect for in the clubs as well.

The last original mix on this EP is ‘Dancing in the Dark’. He starts out with a melancholic synth which works in perfect harmony with a clear and bright lead. Halfway this lead takes over all control and goes all out making you dance for sure, a very fitting title indeed.

‘Strano’ has really put the Dark in his version of ‘Dancing in the Dark’. This vibe is given extra strength by the everlasting tension building. In the middle of this remix he introduces a mind blowing synth, working in perfect harmony with the smart percussion and the powerful bassline. With this being his first track under his new name, it is safe to say that ‘Strano’ has a bright future ahead of him!

Frezel finishes this EP with his remix of Victorious. Even though he stays true to the original vibe of the track. Frezel managed to complement the smart producing skills of Matt Dwellers with his own unique style. By implementing a powerful bassline and an never ending arpeggio he gives Victorious just that little extra spice.

This is an EP perfect for both the minimalistic and melodic fans among us.

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