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Patrick Muschiol

What can we say about Patrick Muschiol?
He is a German producer based in Munich/Germany, and found his love for electronic music in 1996. He played as a DJ in different clubs where he loves to play tunes with harmonic and deep melodies.
The influence of that sound comes from names like Microtrauma, Dominik Eulberg, N´to, Solee and many, many more…
That’s why he began to produce and create his own tracks with his Buddy Marc de Vole in 2008. Later he collaborated on some records with his best friends and studio partners Boss Axiss and build a studio called Gleis3 in Suhl/Germany. Nowadays we can find his releases on the wonderful labels such asParquet Recordings, Damm Records, Inlab Recordings and from now on our label Aftertech Records!

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