PRZM Sarajevo EP

Aftertech Records twenty-ninth Release

‘Sarajevo’ is the twenty-ninth release of Aftertech Records. This time we may introduce you to PRZM a very talented duo with a deep and most of all unique style. Together with remixes from no one less than Alex O’Rion and Tool8 they have delivered a very powerful EP.

The title track Sarajevo starts with an arpeggio of bell-like sounds supported by loungy chords. When the bass comes in, gluing everything together, the track slowly builds in strength. Smartly placed and groovy percs work in perfect harmony with the ever growing arpeggio, creating a wonderful journey. This track really brings you into a dreamlike state, into another dimension. A job very well done by PRZM.

The second track Transistor is the darker one of the two. Starting with ominous plucks in the distance and echoing wobbing noises. The hihats which softly play from left to right slowly lead you towards the much-anticipated bassline. A subtle yet powerful growl of brass comes up and the ominous plucks slowly creep out of the distance filling the entire room. All together this makes a very strong track for in the club indeed!

Alex O’Rion is the first one on remix duty. His signature sound can be recognized right from the start. Smart percussions and mesmerizing shakers build up towards a deep and groovy bass. This track is full of special effects which seem to be communicating with the main melody, taking you away further and further into Alex’ world of Sarajevo. A very strong remix!

Tool8 is finishing this EP with their own take on Sarajevo. They gave a new meaning to wobbing basslines, such power! This one is likely to destroy many clubs. They also took a sweet brass to take the lead in the melody working in perfect harmony with crispy hihats and clocklike percussions. A wonderful creation by Tool8.

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