Sisscok Aftertech Records stupidKid

SissCok – Stupid Kid EP

Aftertech Records’ 9th Release

“‘Stupid Kid ‘ is the Ninth release of Aftertech Records by the very talented SissCok. This French prodigy has created two catchy and strong tracks with the brilliant use of some deep vocals. In this EP he shows what melodic techno should sound like, driven, powerful and with great melodies: simply genius. To finish it off, Matt Dwellers and Noraj Cue did a remix for this wonderful EP.

The first track ‘Stupid Kid’ has a very memorable yet groovy melody which works in perfect harmony with its powerful bassline. That in combination with the clever use of his percussion and a deep vocal this is a track that will be loved by many for sure.

‘Brought me Down’ is a perfect match with the previous track yet different in so many ways. Groovyness makes place for a mesmerizing beautiful vibe. The melody soothes both mind and soul and the combination of high and low vocals will bring many to awe. This track is the perfect embodiment of serenity and tranquility, a masterpiece.

Matt Dwellers took a different turn with SissCok’s Stupid Kid and made it into something deeper, something stronger. The vocals are darker and halfway the melody gets an ominous vibe. One thing is for sure this ‘Kid’ is molded into something great for sure.

As grand finale of this EP Noraj Cue did a remix for ‘Brought me Down’. Noraj Cue did not mess around and starts out strong. He managed to create a strong basis with his percussion and bassline yet kept room for the wonderful melody of the original. He handled carefully and did a great job putting serenity and power together. A great way of finishing a great EP.

This EP has something for everybody and deserves to be great succes all over the world for sure.


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