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Stoertebeker & Audiomolekül – Hansekoggen EP

Stoertebeker & Audiomolekül – Hansekoggen EP

Aftertech Records twenty-eighth Release

‘Hansekoggen’ is the twenty-eighth release of Aftertech Records. Audiomolekül and Stoertebeker come together in this EP with a wonderful collaboration. Stoertebekers power and Audiomoleküls magic in melodies seem to be a perfect match. They deliver two amazing tracks that are supported by great remixes by Reig and Techno Frühstück. A very powerful EP all together!

Hansekoggen starts with strong percussion and a waving synth. That is until this is taken over by a powerful bassline. It doesn’t take long before a clear lead sound arises, working in perfect harmony with echoing whale like screams. Special effects are used like bubbles of air rising up in the deep sea. This in combination with the powerful groove they created makes this a very beautiful and unique track indeed!

The second track is called Seegang. It has a mysterious beginning with dreamy pads and synth blowing on top of a strong and groovy percussion. Once the growling bassline is introduced calmness is created only to grow in power again with the help of smartly placed special effects and a never ending melody. Halfway the melody changes, gains more power and body, taking you way. It really is a track that takes a hold on you and doesn’t let go.

Techno Frühstück are a duo who don’t mess around. They just dipped Hansekoggen in power, there is no other way to say it. Right from the start they introduce a stabby bassline that will kill any dancefloor. Together with the howling synths of the original and their strong use of percussion they grab the attention. Then halfway the bassline starts to move, making the story complete.

Reig made the more experimental track of the EP. Starting out with a mesmerizing bassline and smartly placed drums, he slow builds tension. The tension keeps on building while he adds element after element: wobbing synths, clear leads and white noises float through space until finally it all comes together. Delivering a thrilling and fascinating track, a perfect addition to an amazing EP!

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