Sunburnt Octopus - Faith & Doubt EP - Aftertech Records

Sunburnt Octopus – Faith & Doubt EP

Aftertech Records Fifth Release

“Faith & Doubt” is the fifth release of Aftertech Records by the magnificent Sunburnt Octopus. This Greek genius brings sweet and power together. He makes it possible to make his tracks sound melancholic and uplifting at the same time. In this EP he once again shows the world that he is a force to be reckoned with. Together with the input of remixers Mashk and Frezel, this has become a solid EP.

The first track “Faith & Doubt” is a very mesmerizing and strong track. Its full sound and ever changing melody is nothing less than breathtaking. Once this track gets your attention it never lets go.

Yucatán Sunrise” has a perfect cooperation between bass and melody. This in combination with a lovely voice of an angel will bring you to a totally different state of mind and lets you wander in a world of dreams.

Mashk’s interpretation of “Faith & Doubt” is unique to say the least. He took the melody of the original and molded it into something catchy and rhythmic. This all is molten together by a very spacy top layer which gives its unique vibe. It’s a worthy addition to the EP indeed.

Frezel has made a sweet version of “Faith & Doubt“. Yet he managed to combine the sweetness with a powerful and dirty bassline. Thereby creating a beautiful and hypnotizing track.

One thing is for sure this EP must not be forgotten.