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Techno Frühstück & Modest Crow – Maasai EP

Aftertech Records Thirty-second Release

‘Maasai’ is the Thirty-second release of Aftertech Records. For this, the Berlin duo Techno Frühstück returns to the label, together with Modest Crow. Which resulted in an excellent combination of power, groove, and melody. This powerful EP is topped off with amazing remixes by Alex Preda and Ariose.

The title track Maasai will be a killer track on the dancefloor. African screams fill the air while a deep growling bassline makes the ground tremble. It has a dark feeling to it yet it is very upbeat. Ominous specials effects and crystal droplets are the perfect addition to the feel of this track. For us it is clear, this track will turn many clubs upside-down!

The second track Apart starts out a lot sweeter than the first. A soft kick accompanied by a crispy shaker slowly introduces a clever arpeggio sound. Then a mellow deep bass comes in, which keeps on growing in power in the break. At the drop everything comes together, echoing plucks, the arpeggio that seems to be talking throughout the entire track and a bassline that keeps on changing and moving. A very strong track altogether!

Ariose is the first one on remix duty and deliver once again. They have totally turned the track around. ‘Apart’ has gotten a nice groove while the melody gets a totally different feel. It has gotten a nice dreamy feel to it, while a new arpeggio emerges out of thin air and begins to lead the track towards a wonderful progression. Until finally that massive break comes in where they slowly take everything away, only to bring it back óne móre time! A massive remix by Ariose.

Alex Preda managed to take the power from the original and made it into a deep minimal dance track. He slowly adds new elements bit by bit, when he finally reaches the break he shows you where he’s made of. African screams emerge and grow and grow, he manages to create an immense tension until finally, it all breaks loose into a massive drop. A very strong remix by Alex which will work wonders in the club.

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