Th Moy Aftertech Abusir Di Rugerio The note V

The Note V & Di Rugerio – Abusir EP

Aftertech Records twenty-second Release

‘Abusir’ is the twenty-second release of Aftertech Records by the upcoming heroes Di Rugerio and The Note V. This duo originating from Mexico have really found each other in this EP. Rugerio’s inspiring melodies work very well with The Note V’s deep and groovy sound. And who better to make a remix for these amazing talents than Th Moy. All together they deliver one hell of an EP that is both suitable for dreaming away at home and blowing you away on the dance floor.

The title track starts out like a dream with mesmerizing yet uplifting synth work. It doesn’t take long before the groove joins in and the journey to ‘Abusir’ begins. A deep and jumping bassline slowly blends in when suddenly the track turns back to its basics. Later melody after melody is introduced working in perfect harmony, bringing you into a state of rapture. A masterpiece for sure!

The second track ‘Saqqara’ is the more powerful of the two. Right from the start, the beat takes control. A massive blowing synth dictates the melody, screaming of power. Then halfway an ominous arpeggio comes in, which glues the bassline and melody altogether. This in combination with clever and strong percussion work this is a track to be reckoned with!

Th Moy has definitely put his own stamp on ‘Abusir’. In this remix, he took the original melody blending it together with a long and growling bassline. Throughout the entire track, it keeps growing in strength. An arpeggio keeps building tension until that moment when it all explodes. Th Moy screams of a melancholic story in this wonderful remix. A perfect ending for a great EP!

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