Various Artists – Aftertunes #1

Welcome to our first compilation: Aftertunes #1

Aftertunes #1 is a 5 track EP with upcoming artists from Brazil, Germany and France.
We are proud to present to you the following selection of the best music we could find:

El Mimi – No Reason
We start off this EP with the track “No Reason” from the upcoming Marseillan producer El Mimi. This tracks brings a beautiful melancholic atmosphere with its smoothness and touching melodies. The bass supported by a very captivating pad will put your mind at ease from beginning to end.

Triateck – Kosmos
The second track is from the French musician Triateck, whose focus lies on minimal rhythms, supported by sweet melodic tunes. His track “Kosmos” brings you to another dimension with its spacey yet powerful sound. The strong bassline works in perfect harmony with its melodies and rhythms.

Gelify – Melodic Rain
The following track, “Melodic Rain”, made by another Frenchman called Gelify, is building up slowly to a very strong climax. This long track never stops gaining power and blows you entirely away in the end. The melodies start out sweet but get totally out of control, here the rain of melodies start. All of this is wonderfully supported by a very heavy bass.

Vanderkant – If Things Change
Next is the German artist Vanderkant with his very powerful track “If Things Change”. Starting with a dirty and catchy sound, this track screams of power. But then, in the middle, things change and a very sweet howling synth comes in, creating a nice contrast between dirty and sweet.

D’Graaff – Magic Box
The last track is a bit of an outsider compared to the rest of the EP but a great track to end this compilation with, nonetheless. Brazilian producer D’Graaff has created a very happy vibe in his highly musical track “Magic Box”. He created the perfect summer feeling with his lovely bells and his deep housy bass. This track will magically put a smile on everybody’s face and is the perfect way to end the first Aftertunes Compilation.