Aftertunes 2 - Aftertech Records

Various Artists – Aftertunes #2

It is time for our second compilation!: Aftertunes #2

Aftertunes #2 is a four track EP with upcoming artists from Sweden, Germany, France and The Netherlands.
We are proud to present to you the following selection of the best music we could find:

Diamandy & Chester and Oscar – Glimps of Infinity
We start off this EP with a heavy one: “Glimps of Infinity”. Special effects and the powerful bass are quickly introduced only to be strengthened by a great cooperating melody. Yet, they managed to create a nice balance between heavy and mesmerizing by the smart use of long pads and seagull sounds in between.

Koen Schepens – Vlakjes
The second track, Vlakjes by Koen Schepens is an amazing spacy track. Its a track full of energy thanks to its hypnotic ongoing melody. From the beginning till the end he takes you on a journey in which he manages to surprise you multiple times. Each break he brings you deeper into the space of Vlakjes. An awesome track for sure.

Leevey – Heyerdahl
The third track is from the German musician Leevey. He has made a very soothing track which will bring you into a very relaxing state. It has the perfect atmosphere for an afterparty with his subtle melody and hypnotic use of percussion.

Reig – Sur un banc
The track Sur un Banc finishes this compilation. A wonderful and sweet track from Reig. It has a very subtle percussion which creates the perfect vibe for his very mesmerizing melody. When listening to this track it feels like you will disappear into Reig’s musical world. Halfway, the world changes and becomes darker thanks to a subtle yet powerful bass. A great closing track of this compilation EP!