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Various Artists – Aftertunes #5

It is time for our fifth compilation!: Aftertunes #5

Aftertunes #5 is a five track EP with upcoming artists from all over the world. Yet again this proves to be a diverse EP yet still true to the Aftertech philosophy.
We are proud to present to you the following selection of the best music we could find:

Mandibula – Timeshift
As expected, Mandibula has a very structured build up with a smart use of percs and captivating introduction of his melody. The melody gets more layers every minute, this track is telling a story of a battle between brass instruments and bells. He manages to fuse Techno with a classical vibe. A track to be remembered for sure!

Cliff de Zoete – Cleopatra
This uplifting track is the more powerful one of the compilation. Cliff’s dirty bassline sets the tone right from the start. Combined with the groove of plocking percs your feet are bound to keep on moving from start till end. Halfway a mysterious synth and lead are introduced in which the total story of Cleopatra is told. This is a great addition to a wonderful compilation.

Frezel – Impulsive
Frezel shows us a side of him we have not seen before. The start is dark and has an ominous feeling about it. The dark atmospheric synth seems to keep growing as the track goes further. Supported by a wobbing bassline they seem to work in a perfect symbiose relationship. In the break a new melody is introduced and seems like a muffled scream. A very strong combination in which subtlety and power go hand in hand.

Mashk – Duo De L’ombre
Mashk delivered the more sweet and subtle track of the compilation. A housy bassline compliments a groovy underlying rumble. With on top synths blowing like the wind and a melody sweet and sad at the same time. To finish it all off, there is some beautiful play of hihats and claps in order to still keep you moving. The vibe of this track is bound to leave you quite for a while, contemplating about the feelings Mashk managed to put into this one. This track full of emotion is a wonderful way to end a very diverse EP.

Bass Mayor – Memorable Nighttime
With his debut on Aftertech Records and even his very first release ever. Bass Mayor is not messing around and manages to amaze us by his unique view on techno. A rumbling bassline with a great groove starts this track off. The ever-changing melody slowly rises and hooks you right from the start. Twinkling sounds come forward in the break, sweet and light until everything drops. Suddenly the power is back and there is no choice but to dance. An awesome start for this new talent!

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