Various Artists -Aftertunes #7

Aftertunes #7

The Aftertunes compilations just keep on growing. Not only in a number of tracks but also in the quality we can show you. So many great artists showcase their talent on this one. Now with a total of 9 tracks you can discover some new but also some familiar names who will definitely be seen more often in the melodic techno scene!

Matt Dwellers – Bounce
Matt is becoming one of the familiar faces on Aftertech Records. With his track ‘Bounce’ he shows you once again why. His impressive use of percussions and his gentle use of melodies set the tone. When a soft yet mesmerizing bassline is introduced the dream is complete. He lets his melodies bounce softly on top of his bassline accompanied by beautiful dreamy pads. After the break a new surprising yet fitting melody comes in, giving this track the proper finishing touch it deserves.

Frezel & Luis M – Waiting In The Dark
After Luis M’s amazing ‘Interstellar EP’ he now teamed up together with label boss Frezel. Right from the start, it is clear that this will be a track full of power. In which their lead sound flows beautifully on top of a deep and strong bassline. Supported by a wobbling and airy synth they build towards the climax where the bassline goes all out. Growling away while melodies seem to merge together. A track in which its clear these two have really found each other.

Lexy Catcher – Eclipse
Lexy produced the more progressive track of the EP and with such power! An acid like arpeggio lead is heard right from the beginning. Accompanied by some very effective use of woodblocks this is one groovy track. The strong bassline will be a hit on the dancefloor for sure. Along the way the lead arpeggio starts moving around showing hints of melodies. Together with some dreamy special effects this has become one very special track.

Cosmosolar – Rio Negro
A clear arpeggio quickly rises together with a growling synth that screams with a deep strength. After the break the melody evolves and he jams away with a tune that keeps you in its grasp. Throughout the entire track, it seems to keep moving, a job very well done by Cosmosolar!

Reig – Peaches
Reig returns to Aftertech Records with a beautiful and delicate track, Peaches. While the main melody is slowly introduced, power is added each second with the use of smartly placed percussions and soft toms. After a while the bassline softly growls in the background only to grow stronger later in the track. The melody rises and lets you drift off to someplace far away. In the break, the melody changes and leads towards a massive drop in which the bass is showing his full potential. Another masterpiece by Reig.

PRZM – Le Tumulte
With their light intro they make you yearn for what’s to come. Out of the blue, they already give you a taste of their heavy bassline. Then slowly they show what this track is all about. A mesmerizing synth blows through the track like the wind, building tension all the way. When the bassline starts moving another melody arises and everything falls in their place. A cleverly build track with a certain subtlety that makes it so beautiful.

Jérémie Naulet – Game Over
Jérémie delivered the darker track of this compilation. A heavy kick and an effective use of percussion lead the way. Together with a light arpeggio and an airy pad he slowly builds towards the sound where this track is all about. A saxy sound appears and takes you away on his strong beats until the break comes in. Drums and melodies create tension until it all explodes, Game Over

Yeröm – Other Dimensions
Yeröm will bring you into another dimension. This young artist manages to surprise us with this amazing track in which he doesn’t mess around. A strong hihat and echoing percs are the backbone of the groove. Quickly a strong bassline together with the melody are introduced, which never seem to stop growing in power. Then halfway a dirty yet beautiful synth builds massive tension in the break only to go out with even more power than there was before. An amazing track all together, Yeröm is definitely someone to keep your eye on.

Moode – Arp
Another new name on our imprint here. This track is as sweet as candy and a pure pleasure for the ears. Soft heavenly bells ring while a deep bass glues the percussion together with the melody. A warm blanket of pure relaxation falls over you, yet the bassline still manages to get your feet from the ground.

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