Aftertech aftertunes 8

Various Artists -Aftertunes #8

Aftertunes #8

Aftertech Records 31st release
This Aftertunes is massive! Ten tracks with each their own unique sound. There are many new faces on this one, but yet they all scream Aftertech Records. We are very happy with this one and we are sure many of these tracks will be played all around the world! Here we go!

Precursor – Kylmä
What an introduction track this is! Starting out with soothing synth work and ambient background noises and gets you in a wonderful kind of trance. When he slowly introduces the beat he creates the perfect feeling for a festival with your bare feet in the sun with the setting sun in the background. This track even reminded us a bit of Panchanga Boys – Time. Maybe this will become a new all-time classic!

Disk Space – Tangent Edges
This one screams power right from the start. It feels deep, groovy, housy and most of all, is just very tasty! It all starts out with a quick arpeggio on which new elements are stacked. Each one building the track towards the next level. Just when you think it cannot be any better an Angel-like voice is introduced in the break and a massive build in tension is created. Disk Space is one to keep an eye out for, that’s for sure!

Two Thoughts – Ethnic
Another duo which is new in the game. But wow, they know how to make themselves an entrance! The way they manipulate their never-ending melody is remarkable. Somehow it is the same thing over and over again but yet it is different every moment. Together with the deep and growling bassline and smartly placed percussion, this is a wonderful creation by Two Thoughts!

Pulse – Disappearance
This is one of the more powerful tracks of the compilation. It is dark and deep and has a real dirty club feeling to it. The bassline will have a massive impact on the dancefloor, when this one drops no one will be able to stop dancing. Pulse has an extra surprise for you in the break, where he introduces an incredible echoing brass reminding us a little of Stephan Bodzin.

Mozaïk – Yelna
Thanks to the vocals this one has a kind of Africa vibe to it. However, the track is also very dreamy and spacy which gives this track such a unique feeling. The combination works wonders. Together with heavy brass sounds, airy leads and the implementation of a strong groove this is one hell of a track!

Max TenRom – Obscure
Obscure is difficult to bring into words. This track touches the heart. There is so much emotion in this one. It is almost a kind of classical piece on which Max has put a Techno beat. In this track he has shown he is not just a producer, he is a composer. Such a beautiful piece of art, our advice: listen to it for yourself and experience the beauty of Obscure!

KellAr & Frezel – Moondriver
KellAr & Frezel have created something really strong. The beat they start out with is simple yet effective. But then there is that break. It feels like it never stops to build in tension. Synths start flying all around you, piano’s play subtle melodies, heavenly voices arise, it never stops! They really manage to take you into a different world. When suddenly you are back in reality and the beat drops back in. A real masterpiece!

Yeröm – Compromise
Yeröm is back on the Aftertunes compilation. Again and again, he proves what a talent he is. This time he amazes us with a massive wobbing bassline which gives this track both power and somehow something relaxing. This track is full of wonderful surprises like classical violins, vocal shots and xylophone-like melodies. Another great tune by Yeröm!

Talal Bazzi – O.Y.M.
This is the heavier one on the compilation, Talal Bazzi makes his Aftertech debut with a solid techno production. Right from the start, a strong kick pushes a catchy rhythm forward. An easy, simple, but effective arpeggio appears slowly and makes the track strong until the end. In the break, some robotic melodies are introduced and built until the heavy rhythm is taking over again. A good one for the late hours!

Ariose – Kenopsia
The guys from Ariose provide some sweetness with this track. For us, this is something a bit different from what we usually release, but it is a true musical pearl. Plucking mallets and a slow playful breakbeat-like rhythm draws the attention immediately. The melancholic synthy cello strikes adding a recognizable atmosphere to this track.

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