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We Are Detox

We are Detox is a duo of two young men who’ ve had this passion for all types of techno for many years.
If they find it difficult to stay serious in their real Life, their music is nevertheless very serious.
They mix their main influences, common or not, to create a rather particular organic material inviting you to travel
Both of them are known in their solo carreer as Reig and Flat Fuzz and the last one is at the moment called Furse.
They already have some good références with their first contribution to the “compilation” kapitel 3 from the Berlin label Blackfoxmusic also pressed on vinyls. They often meet in their universel they enlarge with each création nourished by the curiosity and the désire to explore the material the sound is, they promise to take us for a visit of other countrysides with their next productions.

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