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Willy Réal


Willy was born on 10th, december 1982 in south France. From a young age, he was already a lover of music. At 5 year old, he begun to play the piano in Classic style then Jazz and Blues. Then at the age of 13, the Electronic music appeared in his life and he fell in love with this Techno athmosphere.

He started to produce sounds in 2007 only with his own computer, and mix since 2002. Then He worked on many good labels as Baroque Records / Selected records.

It is also part of the trio INPHASIA with his friends Fred & Willy Real Osaka for a project oriented techno with releases planned on INLAB Recordings and IAMTECHNO the Spartaque label.

Now he’s the co-owner of the french label “Inlab Recordings” with David Prap. They work with artists as Alex Di Stefano, Spartaque, Citizen Kain, N’To, Microtrauma, Traumer.. And many more. If you like techno, just listen to these tracks..
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